Geoffrey A. Moore to Reveal Innovation Management Strategies for Large Enterprises in Forthcoming Book

Dealing with Darwin: How Great Companies Innovate at Every Phase of their Evolution Available in January 2006

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San Mateo , Calif. — October 24, 2005 — Geoffrey A. Moore’s forthcoming book Dealing with Darwin: How Great Companies Innovate at Every Phase of their Evolution (Portfolio, January 2006) will be the definitive book for businesspeople looking to manage innovation and overcome inertia to create superior economic returns. Moore, a business strategist and the bestselling author of Crossing the Chasm and Inside the Tornado, posits in his upcoming book that while most companies recognize innovation as key to competitive differentiation, few actually do it well.

Dealing with Darwin outlines best practices companies can adopt to maximize success in today’s “survival of the fittest” business climate. Moore also unveils today as an online resource for dealing with competition and change. The web site offers a sneak peek at the book, a Q&A with the author, and innovation management resources including interactive diagrams and “ Darwin’s Dictionary” glossary of terms.

Moore ’s most ambitious work to date, Dealing with Darwin offers a new theory of the evolution of markets. Drawing on hundreds of examples, Moore illuminates how established companies can prevent their own extinction—not by throwing resources wildly at every potential innovation, but by moving forward with precision, courage, and smart timing. The book also includes an unprecedented management case study of Cisco Systems. CEO John Chambers provided Moore with unlimited access to Cisco’s management processes, and permission to reveal exactly how Cisco continues to innovate relentlessly as a mature enterprise.

“Geoff Moore is the master at creating a vocabulary for management strategy that captures the competitive dynamics of the times. In Dealing with Darwin, he uses this signature skill to tackle the fundamental challenge of 21st century business—how to create profitable growth in an increasingly competitive global economy,” said John Chambers, CEO, Cisco Systems. “His models are helpful both for focusing innovation strategy and for improving productivity, and they have played an important role in the continuing evolution of our company.”

Moore is among Silicon Valley’s most sought-after business strategy consultants, serving as a managing partner at TCG Advisors and a venture partner at Mohr Davidow Ventures. His books, Crossing the Chasm, Inside the Tornado, The Gorilla Game, and Living on the Fault Line are all highly-acclaimed national bestsellers.

“All of us are exposed to the full range of innovation types from which competitive advantage can be created, from the disruptive innovations that birth new categories to the sustaining innovations that maintain them and the renewal innovations that transcend them. All of us are living under Darwin’s design requirement, perpetually forced to come up with new moves to win the next round of marketplace competition,” said Moore. “Is it any surprise that we have a lot to learn from each other? So whether it is Cisco or Sysco, Sun or Sunoco, the Oracle of Redwood Shores or the oracle of Omaha, SAP or ADP, we would all like some help dealing with the pressure to reinvent ourselves all the time.”


Dealing with Darwin will be available on January 2, 2006. To pre-order individual copies, visit,, and For bulk orders, visit

About the Author

Geoffrey A. Moore is managing partner of TCG Advisors, a consulting practice that provides business and marketing strategy services to prominent high-technology companies. He is also a venture partner with Mohr, Davidow Ventures, a prestigious Silicon Valley venture capital firm, and founder of The Chasm Group. An accomplished writer and highly sought after business consultant, Moore is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, and his books are required reading at Harvard, Stanford and other leading business schools. More than a million copies of Geoffrey Moore’s books have been sold worldwide since the original publication of Crossing the Chasm.


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